Portable Storage

Space Capsules:
Portable Storage & Moving Containers

The Space You Need, Where and When you Need it™

Looking for the perfect portable storage solution? Our Space Capsules are the answer. Clean, bright, weather proof and secure, they will keep your belongings safe, dry and clean until you’re ready to have them moved. If you are doing a complete move, the ease and savings will amaze you … especially when your closing dates don’t match.

Large Space Capsules – Our Large Portable Storage Containers

What is the size of this Capsule?

  • 16’ x 8’ x 8’ (L x W x H)
  • 1,024 cubic foot capacity

What will fit in this Capsule?

  • Holds the contents of a large 1-bedroom apartment with appliances or the contents of small 2-bedroom apartment without appliances.
  • A perfect size for moving and storage of your home furnishings, especially when your closing dates don’t match. When required, multiple Capsules are easily coordinated for loading, moving and unloading.
  • Solid construction with secure, lockable, roll-up doors.

Portable Storage & Moving Process

We place it. You pack it. We pick it up.

  • Book a delivery.
  • We’ll deliver a Space Capsule portable storage unit to your location. (Multiple units, if required.)
  • You pack it at your convenience.
  • Book a pick up.
  • We’ll pick up your Space Capsule and shuttle it to your new location or store it for you at one of our facilities.
  • If you’ve had us store your Space Capsule, book a delivery and we’ll deliver it to your location.
  • Unpack at your convenience.
  • When you’re done, book a pick up and we’ll come and get the Space Capsule.

Sound easy? It is!

Portable Storage Solutions Availability

Space at Hand will deliver and pick up our Space Capsule portable storage and moving containers throughout south-western Ontario.