Tenant News: Rearz Expands it’s Space in Waterloo

November 9th, 2015

Rearz Inc. started when President and Owner Laurie Diwakar decided she wanted a better option to cloth diaper her children.  Over almost a decade, she has grown her business to include revenue streams from cloth and disposable adult Incontinence and AB/DL demographics, in addition to continuing a thriving wholesale business for infant and toddler cloth diapers.

At the Rearz Inc. retail showroom and warehouse at 656 Colby Dr. in Waterloo, you will find a very busy staff of three, including Laurie, who continues to be very involved in the day-to-day running of her business.
With over 1000 product codes, Rearz carries a wide variety of disposable adult diapers and accessories,  and supplies and manufactures the largest variety of adult washable diapers, plastic, rubber and latex protective pants in Canada. Rearz also boasts three adult diaper house brands: Inspire, Spoiled, Safari, and a fourth, Inspire + will debut this December.

Not one to sit still, Laurie is always looking for ways to grow her business. Hopeful future ventures will include forging wholesale relationships with long term care residences, and partnering with companies in Germany, France, and Australia