Do You Have Your Moving Checklist Ready?

Do You Know the Best Way to Pack Your Belongings?

At Space at Hand, we have tips and tools that answer these questions and more. From packing boxes to organizing your storage unit, to preparing for a move: our tools can help you save time and energy, safeguard your belongings and make your job easier.

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COVID 19 Safety Protocols The health and safety of our staff, our tenants and our communities are very important to us. At this time, our offices are closed due to government mandate for COVID-19 pandemic, however, we will still do our best to assist you. Existing tenants whose accounts are in good standing will be […]



Storage Tips

Make an inventory list of all of the items you store. Keep a copy in your storage unit and one for your records. Update the list as you add or remove items. This will help you keep track of where things are and will also help in the unlikely event of an insurance claim.
Mark all boxes with their contents so you can easily identify and access items, if required. Be specific. When loading or stacking boxes make sure this information faces toward you so you can […]



Moving Tips / Moving Checklist

Book your Space Capsule or Space at Hand storage unit.
Order supplies.
Book movers, if applicable.
Make a floor plan of your new home and determine where your furniture should be placed.
If possible, arrange to have any painting or maintenance work on your new home done prior to your move […]



Packing Tips

Tape boxes as you assemble them to prevent accidental opening.
Make sure boxes are tightly packed so they don’t collapse but do not over pack. Boxes shouldn’t bulge and they should be easy for you to lift.
Make sure that when boxes are packed the tops are flat for easy stacking and sealed with tape. […]